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RTI Act, 2005
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1. What is Application Procedure for requesting information?
2. What is the time limit to get the information?
3. What is the fee?
4. What could be the ground for rejection?

1. What is the Application Procedure for requesting information?

1. 1) Apply in writing or through the electronic means in English or Manipuri to the S.P.I.O, specifying the particulars of the information sought for.
 2. The reason for seeking information is not required to be given.
3. Pay fees as may be prescribed (if not belonging to the below poverty line category, in their case it is  free)

2. What is the time limit for to get the information?

1. Thirty days from the date of application.
2. 48 Hours for information concerning the life or liberty of a person.
3. 5 days to be added to the above response time in case the application for information is given to State Assistant   Public Information Officer (S.A.P.I.O)
4 .If the interests of the third party are involved then time limit will be 40 days (maximum period +time given to the party to make representation)
5. Failure to provide information within the specified period is a deemed refusal.


3. What is the fee?         

1) The rate and manner in which fees are to be paid are described under the caption “Appeal and RTI Rules on Appeal”
 2) No fees will be charged from the people living below the poverty line.
 3) Applicant must be provided information free of cost if the S.P.I.O fails to comply with the prescribed time limit.

4. What could be the ground for rejection?       

1. If it is covered by exemption from disclosure. (Section 8 of RTI Act 2005).
2. If it infringes copyright of any person other than the State (Section 9 of RTI Act, 2005).
3. Those covered under Section 24 of the R.T.I.Act, 2005


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